LNG Terminal exclusion zone reminder

Peel Ports says: The relaxation of COVID restrictions has seen boating activities resume which is good to see. However, within the last week numerous incursions into the LNG exclusion zone whilst ships are alongside have been reported by the guard tug. LNG berth exclusion zone infringements will not be tolerated and Peel Ports will act on all reports, can clubs and marinas please remind all members of the regulations when passing the LNG Terminal.

Notice to Mariners No 2 of 2021 – Isle Of Grain LNG Jetties 8 & 10 Exclusion Zone + Chart (236Kb)

Notice to Mariners No 3 of 2021 – LNG Vessel Transit And Manoeuvres (305Kb)

One thought on “LNG Terminal exclusion zone reminder

  1. I feel that Peel Ports needs to identify the guard tug better. The first time I saw a tanker discharging there I waited for large traffic to pass downstream, then got as far out into the river as I could, whilst ensuring I remained on the correct side of a tug hanging around there! Needless to say I was shouted at, which shows that I was as close as I could safely be to the tug whilst traveling upriver. I’m not sure how to unambiguously mark the tug as a guard tug, I leave that to PP to think about.

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