No Take Zone Swim Challenge, Sun 30 July

Approximate swim route

A swimming challenge to raise awareness of the “No Take Zones” (NTZ) will be taking place on Sunday 30 July between 08:00 and 10:00. “The Wild Swimming Brothers” recently launched their “No Take Zone Challenge” in which the middle brother is attempting to swim across all 4 of the UKs No Take Zones. He has already completed a swim of the Flamborough NTZ with Medway being the next zone to swim.

The Swim will start at approximately 08:00 in the vicinity of Elphinstone Point and will finish in the vicinity of Kingsnorth Jetty at approximately 10:00. The swimmer will be accompanied by the support boat “Big Red” at all times and will be swimming out of the main navigable channel across the NTZ. “Big Red” will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 74 at all times and liaise with Medway VTS at regular intervals with updates on the swimmer’s position.

All vessels are requested to navigate with extreme caution when passing, reduce speed and wash appropriately and maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch.74 at all times

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Wild Swimming Brothers and their challenges to raise awareness of environmental issues can use the links below to their website.

Swale Smack & Barge Match, 29 July 2023

Medway and Swale boaters are welcome to watch the race from the sidelines.

NOTE: the Swale Match is for traditional sailing craft (principally sailing barges and smacks) and is not to be confused with the Swale Regatta which is for sailing yachts.

Reminders from Medway VTS (VHF channel 74)

Race officers, as well as phoning Medway VTS on 0151 949 6650 to advise on their race schedule on the day of racing, should also listen out on Channel 74 to pick up information relating to inbound and outbound vessels or seaplanes.

If a seaplane is due to land in Sharfleet or Stangate creeks Medway VTS will broadcast details on VHF channel 74,  of what time the seaplane is due to land or take off. Commercial vessels as listed below will also report to Medway VTS on VHF channel 74 when passing inbound or outbound at the following reporting points, Medway buoy, Spile buoy, Mid Swatch buoy, No 12 buoy, Darnett Ness Beacon, No 32 buoy, Chatham Ness beacon or when berthed or anchored.

Reporting Vessel” means every vessel which is required by the Ports General Directions to report its position, intentions, or movements, specifically:
(a)   vessels having a Gross Tonnage of more than 50 tonnes.
(b)   vessels whose Length Overall is more than 40 metres.
(c)   Passenger Vessels.
(d)   vessels carrying Dangerous Goods; and
(e)   vessels which are engaged in Towing Operations.