CALOR Gas – Discontinued cylinder sizes – Reversal of decision

There have been some rumours circulating since just before Christmas that Calor had reversed their decision to scrap the 4.5kg cylinders that many boats use. There still has been no official release from Calor or publication on their website, but the Westerly Owners Association have had verbal confirmation that Calor were reversing the decision to stop supplying these cylinders. 
Below is a statement by the Westerly Owners Association on their Facebook Group.

“Calor Reverse Decision!!

Before Christmas a notice was circulating on social media stating that Calor were to continue the supply of 4.5kg butane cylinders.

As pleased as we were at this news, as it could not be confirmed, we didn’t celebrate.

I’m pleased to report that Hillary Corney has now had it confirmed by a very surprised Calor distributor following a telephone call by them to Calor. When they confirmed they were reversing their decision to stop the supply of these cylinders.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the WOA Calor survey and also write to the CMA, I’m certain that it was the sheer volume of responses that got their attention.

Also, a huge thank you to Hillary Corney for masterminding the campaign.

A Happy New year to you all.

Gill Clare, Commodore, The Westerly Owners’ Association.”