Queenborough Harbour appoints new staff member and free trot boat service

Queenborough Harbour Trust would like to inform everyone that following the appointment of Phil Shaw as our latest member of Queenborough Harbour, the harbour will be manned Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays from 08.00 to 10.00 and 16.00 to 22.00. He will be available to assist with enquires and provide a free trot boat service.

Phil has spent most of his working career on the water both in the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy. He was stationed on the Royal Yacht Britannia for two years and comes to us with a wealth of experience.

Contact should be made by radio channel 08 call sign “Sheppey One”.

I hope you can all spread the word about this service and we look forward to further meeting the needs of our mooring holders and visitors whenever we can.

When ashore Phil will be based in the Harbour Look-out on Crundels Wharf, if anyone would be interested in volunteering to assist Phil I am sure he will enjoy the company and help. Just contact Queenborough Harbour Trust or call in and see Phil who will take your details for us to get back to you.

Eddie Johnson
Director QHT

Six weeks on Darnet Island

45 days on the Isle of BeautyLocal canoeist, artist and photographer David Wise spent six weeks in 2012 camping (with the owner’s permission) on Darnet Island. His moving film “Otherness” is on his website and you can order his book, illustrated with atmospheric pinhole photographs at http://www.davewise.biz/new/summerontheestuary/page.html