Boat sinks in Strood Yacht Club blaze

A 36ft Fairline motor cruiser has sunk and two neighbouring vessels and a pontoon were damaged on Sunday evening after a major fire at Strood YC.  Club members used a workboat to tow the burning cruiser away from the pontoon to prevent further damage to other vessels. The cause of the fire remains unknown. Fortunately it seems no-one was injured.

Bad news from Hollowshore

Martin Ashton, Commodore of Hollowshore Cruising Club writes, “The Oare Creek entrance was not dredged as planned due to a late objection from Faversham Oyster Company (that have the fishing rights in the Swale). [Because of the tidal surge] we lost the pub (the Shipwrights) and it won’t manage to re-open in time for the holiday period.  The clubhouse at the top of the creek had a couple of inches to spare!”

Proposed Medway buoyage changes: what do you think?

Deputy Harbourmaster John Gurton would like to know what we think about changing buoys 15 and 16 (green and red channel buoys between Oakham Ness and Bishop Spit) to quick flashing. It is suggested that this would reduce confusion with the other lateral buoyage. Use the Reply button to let us know what you think and we’ll pass your views on.