Yet another abandoned houseboat

Our river is increasingly becoming a dumping ground. This derelict houseboat was abandoned early last week on Hoo Island, adjacent to the Segas SC moorings, opposite Gillingham Marina. If you saw anything or have any information about where the boat came from or who owns it, please contact

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  1. It looks like a hdml, the only one on the medway was at a mooring off knights Road Strood, if it is the one it used to be called Abri, or HMS Response in war time.

    1. Thanks Simon. There are no moorings off Knights Rd now, only club pontoons. Do you mean it was in one of the boat yards near Strood YC or Pelican CC?

  2. Doubt that boat has moved under its own steam for decades ?
    .Would dare to suggest that boat has been evicted , this would of course possibly involve the owner of the yard using their own or somebody elses tug to move it, most probably under the cover of darkness, to its present resting place.
    It will neither be the first or the last ?

  3. This vessel is a 71ft 6inch British Power Boat MTB and of the three on the Medway :-

    It can’t be Elektra MTB 469 at Hoo Port Werburgh as she has an all over modern “shed” superstructure (Also had scuttles in the hull)

    It can’t be Silver Lady which was reported being broken up Strood in 8/20 anyway she also had scuttles on the hull.

    That leaves Quiberon MTB 497 British Power Boat (y/n 2295) built Hythe 1944 she had a line of oblong scuttles between strake and deck and there are signs of these filled in along that area in the photo attached. The cabin windows also are same positions as in an early photo I took of her. though she had a bit built on later it seems.

    I would say that this vessel is the Quiberon that used to be at Medway Bridge Marina, then Hoo Port Werburgh and more recently ???

    1. Hi Simon, I was amazed to come across your post, which I found by accident just through Google. My parents built Quiberon in the mid -late1960s and it was our family home until we moved ashore in 1978. I lived on Quiberon until I was 9 years old. I have visited Rochester several times and tried to find out what became of her and over 20 years ago was told that she may have sunk whilst being transported to Hoo. I have a whole photograph album of the work my parents undertook and newspaper cuttings from when they were featured in the newspaper. Do you know any of the history of Quiberon from c1980 to this latest sighting? Do you know what has happened to Quiberon since this was posted last year?

      1. Hi Tom, we have had several leads on here regarding the identity of the boat. Some claim to have owned her, some lived on her and so on, but it looks like you are right. Anyway she is firmly planted on the mud of Hoo Island, opposite Gillingham Marina. Witnesses saw her being taken from Port Werburgh (Hoo Marina) to be dumped on the island. If you want a closer look you could ask Red2red or Jetstream Tours to take you to her.

        1. Hi Admiral, I have now compared the photo to the photos I have of Quiberon from the mid 1960s and 1970s when my parents built her from the hull and I am 90% sure this is the same vessel. The superstructure is too similar to my Dad’s work and the unusual scuttles are correct from my photos. I am going to speak to my brother and sister and am planning to visit to confirm that it is Quiberon. I don’t know what I will do from there. My parents basically bought and built Quiberon because my mum wanted more children. I have so many wonderful memories of growing up on Quiberon. Can I post photos to this thread?

    2. Hi,
      I wonder if anyone here would have any more information about the general history of Silver Lady?
      As a student, I lived on her in the early 1980’s, in Strood boatyard.
      Thank you

  4. This craft is still in the same spot on Hoo island opposite the Strand slipway by S.S.C though now is a sorry state no longer floats and the superstructure is in a total state of collapse.

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