Yet another abandoned houseboat

Our river is increasingly becoming a dumping ground. This derelict houseboat was abandoned early last week on Hoo Island, adjacent to the Segas SC moorings, opposite Gillingham Marina. If you saw anything or have any information about where the boat came from or who owns it, please contact

3 thoughts on “Yet another abandoned houseboat

  1. It looks like a hdml, the only one on the medway was at a mooring off knights Road Strood, if it is the one it used to be called Abri, or HMS Response in war time.

    • Thanks Simon. There are no moorings off Knights Rd now, only club pontoons. Do you mean it was in one of the boat yards near Strood YC or Pelican CC?

  2. Doubt that boat has moved under its own steam for decades ?
    .Would dare to suggest that boat has been evicted , this would of course possibly involve the owner of the yard using their own or somebody elses tug to move it, most probably under the cover of darkness, to its present resting place.
    It will neither be the first or the last ?

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