Wreck lifted from Segas SC moorings

The sunken vessel that was abandoned on Segas SC moorings (opposite Gillingham Marina) has been recovered by Whitstable Marine Services, working for Peel Ports, and taken to Sheerness for disposal. The pellet buoy marking the wreck has also been removed. The craft was lifted and removed fully intact leaving no debris in the wreck’s location.

The MSBA is concerned about the increasing number of derelict boats that are abandoned on moorings and ultimately incur huge and unnecessary costs to the port authority, the council, emergency services and clubs.

One thought on “Wreck lifted from Segas SC moorings

  1. When you ask about moorings in the Medway with dead boats on a moorings just sitting there, nobody wants to know, not our problem, the user will not give up the mooring, bassicaly if it’s a cheap mooring then they just leave it there, the same happens in the Orwell, boats sit on moorings for years and never move, peel ports admin should sort that, don’t use it lose it, don’t insure it lose it, that goes for club licences as well, but I expect the it’s my rights merchants to kick of if peel ports did that,

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