EA news: Medway estuary and Swale Strategy

Over the summer the Medway estuary and Swale (MEAS) programme team has been busy working on the contracts for the 3 pieces of work which we will start with: the programme-wide enabling activities, and the 2 schemes (Elmley and South Sheppey, and Sheerness and Queenborough). This means that we can start commissioning work and developing options. 

See below our latest briefing note which introduces the MEAS programme and sets out why we wish to work with partners from across the strategy area.   

As we start this significant programme of works, we know that there is a lot that we don’t know, and that there will be great opportunities for us to achieve more by working with others. We’ll need help from partners working across the area to put the recommendations of the strategy into action, and hopefully achieve even more for people and the environment whilst doing so. 

Please do get in touch with the MEAS team if you have any ideas, risks or opportunities that might interact with the programme: MEASS@environment-agency.gov.uk 

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