Sun Pier closed for Festival 21-23 May 2021

Adam Taylor of Medway Council has asked us to notify local boaters that Sun Pier will be closed to visiting vessels while the Thames Sailing Barge Edith May is moored there for three days as part of the Ebb & Flow Festival

At the same time (22 May – 13 June) boaters with artistic leanings may also be interested in the Estuary Festival involving numerous events in North Kent and Essex.

3 thoughts on “Sun Pier closed for Festival 21-23 May 2021

  1. I have written about this area in more than one of my books and am extremely glad that the area is being taken seriously. It has changed much since the wharves were cleared and construction of new dwellings started. But, there has always been much that can and should be renovated and or put into different use.

    One of the things I called for was a means to get ashore. Sun Pier was ‘dead’ for years. We used the old harbour pier access for a number of years as well as the landing where the Chatham YC had its moorings.

    The floating landing was closed off some years ago – it should be reopened as a landing place, perhaps a little like Halfpenny Pier in Harwich, where a night’s stay (nominal charge) is allowed. This would bring people into the heart of Intra where they could explore and make use of food outlets, cafes etc…

    We used to moor in the bight in days past, often being the only yacht making use of the buoys…

  2. Nick, Sun Pier was reopened by Medway Council a few years back after pressure from the MSBA, in particupar by our patron Kelly Tolhurst MP. There have been problems with vandalism and derelict/rogue vessels but basically open for visiting boaters. The Rats Bay moorings you refer to are still available. They have been maintained in the past by Peel Ports for use in the River Festival but may not be quite so safe now. We have suggested the Halfpenny Pier model to Medway Council.

  3. Admiral – I’ve known Sun Pier most of my 66 years … it was good to see it reopen. Used to drop Chrsitobel ashore for a ‘Sainsbury’ shop in times past.
    I’ve raised subject of a ‘Halfpenny’ before and glad being looked into. There are several places along the reach where one could be placed…
    Keep Safe.

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