Another mystery boat on Rochester Pier

“Chequered Flag” has been moored without permission on Rochester Pier for at least two weeks. Adam Taylor of Medway Council says it will be seized and sold if not removed by 18 July. If you know who owns the boat please let us or Adam know.

UPDATE 24.7.2019: Chequered Flag moved to Gillingham Pier without permission, it was ‘held’ until the owners collected it and now it is moored on the poles beside Gillingham Pier. It’s possible it may move again, hopefully not to Sun Pier!

3 thoughts on “Another mystery boat on Rochester Pier

  1. We actually saw this boat arrive at the pier on the morning of sat 22nd june around 10.00 . Actually spoke to the couple who moored it who stated they had sold the boat to someone who requested they leave it at rochester pier for them to collect. It came up river from gillingham direction

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