Chatham Interface Land Proposal – please respond before 22 Dec

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The Council say they want to retain the Dockyard slip, but will it just end up boxed in with inadequate parking and facilities like Gillingham Pier slipway?

There are two parcels of land involved in this planning proposal, which covers part of the Chatham Historic Dockyard. Let’s keep the housing on the landward part. The riverside part is not huge and is the only green space next to the river with access to the water, with far greater amenity value to the community. Lying between a busy shopping centre and a world class visitor attraction, it would not be an attractive place to live. The area gets very busy in the summer when events are on; traffic and parking will always be a problem. Having a residents’ parking scheme would create the problems that can be now seen at Gillingham Pier where overflow shoppers vie for parking spaces with residents and anyone wanting to use the Pier. Or will the Dockyard slip be abandoned and left unusable like Commodore’s Hard?

Please suggest in your response how the slipway and its surroundings should be used. How about a first class public slipway with a community clubhouse? Maybe nautical themed bars and restaurants nearby should be welcomed if they are not too close and the a pontoon would encourage boats to visit, thus boosting the local economy.

MSBA member clubs, the Royal Navy Sailing Association and the Royal Engineer Yacht Club are based at the Historic Dockyard where they use the slipway to access their moorings. Let’s support them by expressing our concerns to the Proposal:


5 thoughts on “Chatham Interface Land Proposal – please respond before 22 Dec

  1. It is vital that access for leisure users and associated parking needs are taken into account when considering this proposal. Please do not make it even more difficult for local residents to have proper access to our river.

  2. Any housing development should be retained on the landward side of the Dockyard, the seaward side should and must be retained for recreational purposes only. I would go as far to say that Medway Council along with the owners of the Dockyard complex should invest in making this particular parcel of land more attractive for recreational use rather than just weeds and rubble. As it is, there are not enough areas for riverside recreational use, being an Island nation, we should be encouraging and promoting riverside and on river recreational use.

    As far as housing development is concerned, any development should be on land already allocated and this should only be on the landward side of the areas concerned. It is totally unacceptable and unsustainable to keep putting slabs of concrete down and building houses on every spare piece of land, this situation cannot continue. If councils and the government keep insisting on building houses on every piece of land available, then there will be absolutely no land for any recreational use whatsoever. What is going to happen when all the land is already built on, make islands in the sea? Absolutely crazy ideas from people who should know better, specifically at Medway Council having in mind that this whole area is a heritage site, you cannot keep taking away history otherwise we will have none left. Maybe that is the idea of some of the so-called local representatives. Absolutely disgraceful and should be thrown out and consigned to the dustbin. Keep heritage site as they are and promote them, not destroy them.

  3. As the area is the last ’empty’ remnant of the dockyard it should have a much more imaginative use proposed. I for one would like the area cleaned up, landscaped and turned into a riverside open space which would sit nicely between the remaining dockyard buildings and the developments upstream of the marina entrance. Surely, the planners are aware of the downstream sheds use as a shipyard…

    Aligned with the ‘greening’ of the area the slipway current represents lost opportunities, even though it provides a means of access for the Royal Naval Sailing Association. As mentioned above, some form of community activity is clearly up for grabs – a rowing club perhaps making use of the wide ‘table’.

    The riverside has had dramatic changes over the past few decades, but this is not all bad, however, places where the public can access the water have diminished as rapidly as the regeneration process has proceeded.

    A 24 hour pontoon, like Halfpenny Pier, as provided by Harwich Port Authority must be considered. The Harwich facility actually allows 48 hours. This is something much needed near Rochester Bridge on the downstream side – for masted yachts to enjoy a short stay. Just look at the possibilities…

    I no longer live ‘on’ the Medway, but my heart rests upon its flowing waters. I have written avidly about the area and its continual change. I believe fervently in provision of greater accessibility – St Mary’s Island was an industrial site, but now supports a small town. Currently only the marina and the RNSA permissive use of slip are the only water access points. So, Medway City Council, be daring, take a long hard look and give something to the community…

  4. We have this wonderful river but public access to it has always been limited ! Much of the river has been hemmed in with building construction to the river’s edge and by the expanse of the former Dockyard ! The developers have had share of the former Dockyard land with the building of a massive housing complex on St.Mary’s Island ! It is time to say “enough is enough” and that consideration in this last sizeable piece of former Dockyard land be used exclusively as a public recreational and boating area.This is a wonderful opportunity to give something back to the area and the people of Medway and open up access to the river that has been denied and hidden from view from the general public for centuries!
    A Pontoon or even a Pier to allow access to the river at all tides and accommodate small passenger carrying vessels! We might even get a visit by the paddle steamer Waverley and the Gravesend based vessels instead of cruising in and out of the river without stopping because of inadequate facilities I Obviously this cost money but considering the £millions that have been poured into the Chatham Historic Dockyard by the Heritage Lottery Fund perhaps ways and means could be found to go up this path! The building of a Restaurant and bars, plus a Club House and Chandlers would provide an economic boost on the site. It could also act as the main Base and for the Medway River Festival !
    Well we can only wait and see but no doubt the big money Building Contractors will get their way in the same way as it is proceeding at Gillingham Pier!
    Riverside properties are desirable and bring in big money and profits to the developers , regretfully this is what it is all about!

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