Kent Police vessel for sale: going, going, gone!

Princess Alexandra IIIAfter a review by Kent Police the 54ft Tamar class lifeboat, Princess Alexandra III, which previously belonged to the RNLI and can travel up to 27 knots, has been sold at auction for £100,000.
Kent Police purchased the boat eight years ago for £150,000 and spent £200,000 refitting her to the force’s specifications. Now the marine unit will be relocated back to Maidstone sharing other duties such as search and rescue. They will have to launch their RIB from a trailer.
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One thought on “Kent Police vessel for sale: going, going, gone!

  1. Hi there,

    Oh dear, well this was intimated by the officer at MSBA meeting last year, what a great pity, and loss in financial terms I am sure if she sells, perhaps a the officer said, in a few years it will all turn around again, we the need for waterborne patrol will be realised again…..pity as I say.

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