MSBA Classic Boat Event, 12 July 2014

Classic boats Medway Council are holding the third river festival on Saturday, 12 July 2014. The Medway and Swale Boating Association (MSBA) supported by the Medway Yacht Club and the Wilsonian Sailing Club are supplementing the 2014 Medway River Festival with a Classic Boat and Ship Event.

The Medway Dinghy Regatta will take place on the Saturday and Sunday under the flag of the Wilsonian Sailing Club. If we can attract a sufficient number of classic racing dinghies, the club will offer a dedicated start.

Of particular interest are the classes that raced on the Medway in the classic era; when that was depends how old you are! These classes included; Flying Fifteen;  18ft National; Swordfish;  Snipe;  Hornet;  5-0-5;  Firefly;  Wayfarer, and; in smaller numbers within handicap fleets;  W.E.C. Redwing;  YW Dayboat;  Heron;  Mirror etc. etc.

In addition to the classic racing dinghies, we hope to have local historic tugs and a dockyard VIC on the water along with visiting ‘Gaffers’ by sea and road. Many historic vessels in the Medway area, that are not able to leave their berth will be open for interested visitors and, of course the Chatham Historic Dockyard has much of interest to offer.

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