Do you recognise this boat?

This rare lifting-keel Sadler 32 was seen on Greenborough Marsh, near Stangate Creek. Thanks to helpful members of the boating community, the owner has been traced and informed. It appears that Allegretto became detached from her mooring in Gillingham Reach some days ago and drifted 4.5 miles due eastwards.

Allegretto – photo Denis Johnson

One thought on “Do you recognise this boat?

  1. Ian Pollard. Mooring Master
    Segas SC

    Allegretto is one of ours!! The owner is informed but is currently engaged delivering a narrow boat on the grand union canal.
    We have our club launch going to Stangate on tomorrow’s high water. If she floats and is near a channel out of the marsh it may be possible to recover her.
    We may have to wait for a spring tide later in the week.
    Regards Ian

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