Danger of getting close to ships

Ships in the Medway and Swale can’t slow down as they need a certain speed to steer. Also they have to stay in the dredged channel to stay afloat, so they can’t swerve to avoid small craft. The video shows what can happen when a jet ski crossed the bow wave of a ship, behaviour often seen in our home waters. Video from Hampshire Police Marine Support Unit.

3 thoughts on “Danger of getting close to ships

  1. There are a minority but very irritating number of power boat and jet ski owners that either do not know or totally ignore the fact there is a speed limit on the Medway. We do not live in Gillingham, Upnor or Rochester but in Halling. The wash created by these irresponsible river users is not conducive with the width of the river this far up stream. We need some policing to make a few examples.

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