Hovercraft Cruising Club UK

Key: H,10 (10 local members, 112 nationally)

Amateur hovercraft have a long history on the Medway and Swale and the area attracts hovercrafters from around the UK. Hoverclub UK wish to work with the MSBA to understand the restrictions imposed on us and to work together to protect our right of navigation. We currently actively lobby the government or local harbourmasters where unfair regulation is found. We work with English Nature so that they understand any impact that leisure hovercraft may have on wildlife. Furthermore, as hovercraft can access parts of the tidal estuary that no other vessels can, we will offer support to any group needing to visit areas of the estuary for research or similar reasons.

Contact: Gavin Parson
E: gavinparson(at)yahoo.co.uk
T: 01634 387591
W: www.hoverclub.org.uk



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