Can anyone help?

Very sorry to trouble you, but grateful for help, please?

I write for the magazine Bygone Kent and I am researching Charles Cooper who used to own Cooper’s Boat Yard, Mercer Wharf and worked at Richardson’s Wharf. Described by many as a veteran boat builder, among other things he converted ( in 1930 )  at an ex Royal Naval vessel for Commander Charles Lightoller a surviving officer of the Titanic. 

I have tried without success to find any surviving family members of Charles Cooper 1881-1966 who may have photographs of Charles.  Pre war Charles also converted a boat for William Joyce ( Lord Haw Haw ) at Conyer. It was seized at Dover after transmitting equipment had been installed after leaving Conyer.

Grateful for any help please? I wondered if you or some of your members/workers may have known Charles Cooper.

Thank you and sorry again for troubling you.


Mike Gunnill

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