A new name for River Medway

Chart Courtesy of Navionics.

In a surprise move to end confusion with other rivers of the same name, Peel Ports have announced that from 1 April the River Medway will be called River London Medway. A spokesman for the company, now named Peel Ports London Medway, explained that as they legally own the river from Allington to Sheerness this is within their powers and follows an extensive consultation with stakeholders in Liverpool. Another well-placed insider revealed that the “aspirational” change of name is expected to bring new business to the port and increase the value of local property.

10 thoughts on “A new name for River Medway

  1. Swale has declared a UDI and will be administered by a consortium of bargees, making it their last refuge. The Bridge is jammed, may it rest in peace now. Access to River London Medway will be controlled by the tollgate at Sheerness. This will make the replacement for the annual Round the Island Race, the new There and Back Race, doubly expensive due to new rules introducing a Departure Tax, a clever fund raiser for the underfunded HA.

  2. Why not just Medway kent. Or is it a ploy to extend London into kent much as a lot of what used to be called Essex is now Greater London. Or is this housing on a grand scale on its way

  3. April the 1st allways get some rubbish given out, last time it was worms in stangate creek, and no mooring of boats, this time the London river Medway, well not wanting to burst anyone’s bubble, but the river Medway don’t go to London, the River Thames does, so next year try the London river Thames, you couldn’t make it up, except for April the 1st, so make sure all you sailors out there, take a good look at the charts, for were the river Medway goes, don’t want you thinking Rochester castle is the tower of London,

  4. There’s a River Swale in Yorkshire and a Gillingham in Dorset. Chatham Docks are in Gillingham, not Chatham. We have a container terminal on the Medway called Thamesport and our harbour authority now calls itself Peel Ports London Medway. Confused?

  5. April the 1st,
    The London river Medway apart from the fact it’s April the first, and last time it was worms in stangate creek, the river Medway does not go to London, the river Thames does, so all sailors check your charts to see were London is, as we don’t want any confusion with Rochester castle, & tower of London, lol

  6. How many boats will be going up the Medway trying to get to London, smart move 25 mins on train from London Rochester to centre of London London.

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