Chatham Docks to close in 2025

As long suspected, Peel Land & Property have revealed that Chatham Docks will close in 2025 for redevelopment into housing, retail, tourism and leisure. Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst has expressed concern at the potential loss of up to 800 jobs at the docks that have been the centre of Chatham’s economic activity for hundreds of years. Peel have not yet responded to the MP’s request for a meeting.  The privately-owned Peel Group makes no secret that their business is primarily about highly profitable property development at the many old docks and harbours that they have acquired. Dave Harris of Medway Council is reported to have said, “It is a landowner’s decision as to whether existing use of a site continues and the local authority has no control over this.”

2 thoughts on “Chatham Docks to close in 2025

  1. I find it hard to believe that County Councils, including Medway (as a Unitary Authority) have no control over land use. Presumably Medway has a ‘Local Plan’ which spells out their ideas for the future of the area, for Industry, employment, housing etc. including the River and its Maritime activities of all types which are a fundamental feature of the Medway, and the Swale; the idea that a Statutory Harbour Authority acting as a Property Development takes priority, needs to be resisted at all levels, including government. If Peel wishes to close Medway, or a part of it, as a Harbour on the grounds of non viability, then they should be obliged to do that formally and offer the assets without liabilities to another organisation, potentially not for profit, to run it.

    • Funny how a local authority will come in and stop a small private land owner say building a small home and growing food for example.

      But as soon as the potential of the land can generate a few zeros after a number the local authority “has no control over land use”.

      Nonsense. Another loss of a historic site. For bloody houses no doubt only rich people can afford.

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