2 thoughts on “Faversham Nautical Festival, 4-5 July

  1. There will be a Finesse 24, Whimbrel, and a Finesse 21, Ivy May, on the Front Brents berths. These may be visited: contact Nick Ardley on 07747 712505 during the event – day time only.

    Numbers are limited at any one time and will obviously be at vessel owners’ discretion.

    An information sheet will be on display by the Front Brents mooring access gate giving basic historical details of these traditionally clinker built, but not old, craft built by Alan Platt, Thundersley, Essex, between 1961 and 1995.

    Nick Ardley will also have a selection of his east coast books available at £15 only.

    The public should be aware that these moorings are private…

  2. This was a great event and well worth the effort in attending(Going to Faversham couldn’t ever be a hardship…).
    It was well organised, down on the waterfront, but I do think that Faversham Town Council could have done more to integrate the Open House walk and the ‘jamboree’ in the town market place: few people we talked to realised there was an event taking place close by in their own town’s creek …
    I would like to publicly thank Lena Reekie for all her good work…

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