Demolition started at Kingsnorth Power Station

Kingsnorth Power Station

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Not the chimney, at least not yet! E.ON have not published dates for demolition of the two power station chimneys but Peel Ports Notice to Mariners No 31 defines an exclusion zone 250 metres from the foreshore on Thursday evening from 18:00 to 19:40, when the demolition event will occur, followed by an all clear siren. The river will remain open to navigation.

One thought on “Demolition started at Kingsnorth Power Station

  1. Ah yes, part of the life cycle of the river’s waterfront.

    I remember as a child watching the building of the Kingsnorth Power Station from the deck of the sailing barge May Flower … fifty years later, I’ll watch its demise from the deck of my Whimbrel…

    Let us hope that the jetty is removed too…

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