Medway to lose harbour master

We have been advised that Peel Ports do not intend to replace the current harbour master, Cathryn Spain, when she steps down at the end of March. It is unclear how a “group harbour master” based in Liverpool will be able to fulfil the port’s statutory responsibilities.

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One thought on “Medway to lose harbour master

  1. This seems a strange thing to do even in the technological world we live in.

    Yes, I’m sure administratively it is possible to run the Medway port organisation from an office up on the Mersey. Let’s face it, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) are in the process of administering to the tentacles of the Greater Thames eastuary from an office and chart table somewhere devoid of the sea.

    But, is this really the best way to go. We’re heading for a faceless river authority.

    Will queries or complaints to the ‘harbour master’ be dealt with in the manner expected by a desk overlooking the brown choppy watrs up north. I wonder…

    Nick Ardley, Whimbrel.

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