Yacht Design Course

Yacht Design Course  6 evenings – Jan to March  2014  Central London and Southampton

The International School of Yacht Design (ISYD) is running  a Yacht Design Course over 6 evenings in Winter 2014. The course ran successfully in 2013 and this year is being offered as a ‘RYA Member offer’ for RYA members  but the course is open to all and there are  likely be members of your Club who might well be interested who are not RYA members.

Many attendees are interested in understanding the basics of stability and seaworthiness, or the aerodynamics of sails or the effect of hull surface roughness on performance plus many other topics from modern materials to the strength requirements of mast, boom and spreaders. Others  are interested in understanding the design of their yacht, either to improve the yacht’s performance by modification of the hull, keel, rudder or sail plan, or simply to become a better sailor. The course is also of interest to those who want to learn how to evaluate the performance of a yacht based on its main data, for instance when buying a new yacht. A smaller group of interested course participants are those who ultimately want to design their own yacht.

Lectures will be held in Southampton on starting on  Wednesday January 29th and in  Central London on Thursday January 30th, 2014 and on successive Wednesdays/Thursday for 6 weeks  but omitting the week of Feb 17th  which is half term. The Lecture time is 18.00-22.00.

There are further details on the ISYD website  – www.isyd.org – including the lecture syllabus and registration/payment details. Registration and payment needs to be made by December 15th as places are limited.

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