More debris clearance

Photo Chris Murr

The Forth Umpire was out yesterday collecting hazardous debris between Chatham and Peters bridge after the previous day’s tidal surge. Note that the majority of floating debris is sawn logs, believed to originate from tree lopping upstream on the non-tidal Medway.

4 thoughts on “More debris clearance

  1. Believe the EA are able to lop the trees on the river bank and entitled to saw them into handy sized chunks.
    However they remain the property of the riperian owner and must be left on the river bank.
    Would cost the EA ( ie. us,) time and money to remove, store and then dispose of.
    Along comes the totally unexpected winter floods washing them back into the river, over the weirs to finally end up jammed between my boat and the pontoon.
    The less adventurous ones remain in wait, like little icebergs , for me to venture upriver in the spring.
    Nice to see something is being done.
    Thanks to all involved and very probably the MSBA for persistantly twisting the arm of Peel Ports.

    • Would not take much much to drag them 20ft away from the river bank then the unexpected floods that happen every winter may not wash them back in.

  2. Well if this is true about the EA its a disgrace. They have a duty of care and a well tried and tested knowledge of what happens on the river bank during all four seasons ( or maybe they dont) either way they should not be fined as thats our money, the executives should be named shamed and sacked instead.

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