MSBA launches CCTV to monitor rogue jetskis

Here’s some terrifying video from the new CCTV camera sponsored by the MSBA and hosted at Medway Cruising Club, giving a good view of Commodore’s Hard and Gillingham Reach. The antisocial and dangerous behaviour of some PWC/jetski users (and other speeding vessels) has been a safety issue for many years but neither¬†the harbour authority nor the police have been able or willing to put a stop to it, despite the 6 knot speed limit. Gavin Parson, MSBA committee member and acting Secretary, hopes to provide live access to our camera via this website soon. As they say, watch this space…

2 thoughts on “MSBA launches CCTV to monitor rogue jetskis

  1. The abuse of these waters by jet skis in this way is not only dangerous but so noise intrusive. We must somehow have regulations enforced or water space set aside for their use, ideally away from view points which encourages such show off behaviour. A ban / fine or confiscating equipment if they break the rules. A licence should be used to identify ( large lettering) so that they can be reported by the public.

  2. Its also the unsocial behaviour on the shore. Drinking and drug taking. Abuse when you ask them to move in order that you can get your dinghy in and out.
    A very substantial gate across the road to prevent access would do the trick better than trying to enforce anything on the water. It would have to be VERY substantial though, to stop damage but it would do the trick!

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