Kingsferry Bridge problems return

The MSBA has been made aware of the return of unacceptable practices by the bridge operators in October.

  1. Bridge operator not responding to repeated VHF calls on Ch 10 until contacted by Medway VTS.
  2. Bridge not being raised fully despite assurances given to the MSBA by the previous Senior Regional Operations Manager
  3. Operator calling boats through when ship approaching from opposite direction

We have filed an official complaint with Network Rail, listing dates and times of incidents, but have had an unsatisfactory reply that does not address these points. Network Rail say the bridge is only being lifted fully for commercial, not recreational, vessels and that the bridge will not be raised more than once per hour. Masts are expected to be lowered when possible.

One thought on “Kingsferry Bridge problems return

  1. Regarding masts – I was asked if I could lower my mast aboard my Finesse 24 during this year… In return, I was polite! And apart from being ‘slippered’ for not listening in to channel 10 ages before needed upon calling up, have had little trouble this year – in fact I’d say, its been good…

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