Why is Gosport Ferry in Stangate Creek?

Gosport FerryIt has nothing to do with the old Gosport ferry terminal pontoons being at Queenborough Harbour. According to Wikipedia, the ‘Portsmouth Queen’, built in 1966, was sold to Absolute Charters and left Gosport in February to start a new life on the River Thames in London. She will be renamed ‘London Queen’.

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  1. Yes, she is going to be a cruise ferry, being repainted white, also the bridge is being relocated, (I think centralised), she is being renamed ‘London Queen’, note the word ‘Portsmouth’ has been painted out and the Gosport Ferry logo has been painted out, as also the green on the green and blue stripe. Lovely Ferry, built in Southampton Hampshire in 1966 at the Thornycroft yard. She is as good as the day she was first built. In the early 80’s she had two ballast tanks added to her stern, these improved her performance, giving the prop aft more thrust. She, along with her twin ‘Gosport Queen’ were so successful, they added a third ferry to the fleet in 1971, a more luxurious version, with a restaurant and dance floor, she was called ‘Solent Enterprise’. ‘Gosport Queen’ still runs, (albeit a few days, hours etc a time, in standby duties). The service is run by 3 ultra modern ferries, ‘Spirit of Gosport’, ‘Spirit of Portsmouth’ and ‘Harbour Spirit’.

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