Pirate Ship blocks Sun Pier – now gone!

Revenge on Sun Pier

A “pirate ship” named Revenge continues to be illegally moored on Sun Pier, preventing its use by recreational boaters for whom it was restored at considerable expense. Hayley Taylor told the MSBA on Tuesday that Medway Council has issued a notice to quit. It remains to be seen whether the pier will be available for the Medway River Festival on 9 July.

UPDATE: Good news! Hayley Taylor has informed us that the vessel departed at the weekend, so the pier is again available for use.

10 thoughts on “Pirate Ship blocks Sun Pier – now gone!

  1. I am the captain of the pirate ship revenge…We pulled on to sun pier to charge batteries and replenish water supplies…Both appeared to be available…but not so…I did leave but developed an engine problem and had to return to the pier…and waited for a part to arrive…I have not prevented anyone else from using the facility…right now a vessel is moored alongside…I have allowed 100’s of adults and children aboard…given free healing to many locals…even allowed homeless to stay the night…last week I pulled a man out of the water….I have been of service to the community…I can not say the same for this facility which is a bit of a white elephant to be fair…

    • You have stopped people from using the pier – The Medway Barge Match is one example from only a couple of weeks ago.

      You’ve caused excess litter and anti-social behaviour on the pier.

      Your ‘guests’ regularly smoke drugs or are drunk and are not fit to man a sailing vessel.

      You have stolen property from local businesses.

      Your ‘engine problem’ is lack of fuel.

      I don’t know why you’re letting adults and children aboard when it’s clearly unsafe and you don’t know what you’re doing.

      If you have an ‘engine problem’ why don’t you get towed onto a nearby mooring while you wait for repair and let the pontoon be used for what it was intended?

    • Mr O’Brien, you are deluded to think you are not preventing others from using the pier. Medway Council reinstated it after many river users, including the MSBA, campaigned for a place for visiting boats to stop for a few hours. Overnight mooring is not allowed, as you are aware. Many boaters (including me) have been unable to stop at the pier because your “pirate ship” is completely blocking it and there is no way to tie up alongside, except for very small boats on the inside of the pier. As the other person suggests, why not move your boat to one of the nearby mooring buoys? We can help with that – if you are genuine. You are being extremely selfish. Please take your boat away so we can use the pier as it was intended!

  2. It’s amazing to see that so many people have been affected by this and yet the owner clearly does not see the impact he has on others. His do good attitude actually does not give him the right to a free berth when we all have to pay Marina, Club fees and a conservancy licence. None of which he has paid.

    I know of several disabled and mobally impaired gentlemen who have had to cancel their fishing trips as they couldn’t board their boat with their families.

    The part has been “on order” for some time now and is clearly just another story to fend of the council and river users who are getting disgruntled.

    Notices have gone up on the pier now for the River Festival informing everyone that the pier is closed to allow, ‘Try a boat’ and river trips, visiting vessels can use the bouys and a free water taxi is in place to safely bring people ashore. But with the Pirate ship in place there is scope for the festival to be cancelled due to public safety and access to the pier.

    I wonder how quick the vessel is able to move when the crown court possession order comes through.

    Needless to say it moved quickly when Ramsgate and Queenbrough had exactly the same issues.

  3. Can the “Captain” confirm if his vessel is a pleasure craft and if so, has he paid the Conservancy Charge to legally use the Medway?
    Can he confirm what his plans are and when he plans to vacate Sun Pier?
    Why has he not moved onto a Peel Ports mooring to free up the pier for its intended use?

  4. This gentleman has caused difficulties for several other craft of all sizes who now have difficulty landing and picking up guests and passengers.
    The sooner he is moved on the better for all concerned.
    There is also a small yacht abandoned on Ship Pier which needs to be moved before it sinks.
    On or two other craft are appearing, moored at odd places in the town centre .
    The one at Medway City Estate was ejected from a well known local boat club a short while ago.

  5. Thank you to anyone who is engaged in trying to get Mr O’Brien and his boat Revenge off Sun Pier. It is impossible for us to use the pier currently which is very sad as our guests cannot enjoy the facility.
    We are trying to help people enjoy the River Medway and Mr O’Briens selfish attitude is a disgrace and he has no place in a civilised boating community.

  6. Mr O Brien,

    Please be aware that our Passenger vessel is now in operation and we are getting numerous enquiries for parties. Most of which is people wishing to use Sun Pier and Rochester pier. Sadly we are unable to accept such parties due to a blockage on the Pier.

    Our new vessel, a 100 person Class V and VI passenger vessel will require access to Sun pier, to board passengers almost on a daily basis, which includes wheelchairs and disabled guests. On the 9th July alone we have scheduled 8 stops alone to collect passengers and with your vessel in the way this will be impossible.

    We have already stopped at the pier twice and placed a member of staff across your decks. (30th April and 28th May), This method is highly unsafe and certainly cannot be entertained for passengers or continuous use.

    Due to the size of our vessel (16m x 7m and a draft of 1.5m), we were are unable to fit on the inside of the pier, unlike our Jetboat, which up to now has been accommodating. You are now affecting our business along with many other operators trying to use the pier.

    You mentioned in your message above that the pier is a “White Elephant”, sadly We believe you are hugely mistaken. The reason no one is using the pier is because you have commandeered it for your own use. Previous to you arriving, the pier was used frequently by fishing vessels collecting passengers early in the mornings, visiting yachts and narrow boats on their way up to maidstone. All of which are having now to use alternative means.

    When you arrived on the 10th April 2016, You asked one of our operatives to assist you in mooring. You asked him if there was power and water at the pier, to which he responded that their wasn’t. The pier although built with the ability to supply power and water is not readily available. He also pointed out the large sign on the pier that stated; “No Overnight mooring”. He suggested alternatives for overnight moorings but since then you have continually persisted in using the mooring illegally, to which we are all on the understanding that legal force to remove you is underway.

    We look forward to being able to access the pier in due course.

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