Medway VTS moving to Liverpool

Peel Ports are believed to have recruited five individuals who will be trained as VTS officers to cover the Medway and Clyde from an office in Liverpool, according to Capt Don Cockrill, Secretary General of the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots’ Association.

Capt Cockrill says, “From a river user’s perspective it is worth considering what aspect of a VTS is actually truly relevant to an end user. It’s essentially an information source and that should not change regardless of the location of the station. As regards the distant centralising of a VTS centre – in principle I can not see a problem with it as long as the proper technology is put in place.”

We await comment from Peel Ports.

2 thoughts on “Medway VTS moving to Liverpool

  1. Local knowledge and having someone with the experience and qualifications on site must be better than located in Liverpool, reliant on IT and networking, they are contracted 24 h to look after the security of the wreck, with 3,632 tons of munitions, both by radar and visually, might be more difficult to do that, as well as the local staff, pilots and tugs have done a great job in stopping near collisions, in the past!

    It will be a great shame to lose this local service, a sad day for the Medway!

  2. Who will be monitoring the radio? How will vessels using VHF contact VTS?
    There will still need to be a responsible person present to deal with emergencies.
    I think it is irresponsible and a dereliction of duty.

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