Code of Practice for Seaplane Operations

Seaplane in Sharfleet

Photo Wil Pretty

Following consultation with river users including the MSBA, Peel Ports have now published a Code of Practice for Seaplane Operations. A major change from the orginal proposal is that one of the two designated areas is in Stangate Creek rather than Long Reach. The other area is Half Acre Creek.

In addition to regulating the operation of private seaplanes and restricting them to the specified areas, the code of practice prohibits the commercial operation of seaplanes anywhere within the waters of the Medway and Swale and the adjoining creeks and inlets.

Read the Code of Practice here.

One thought on “Code of Practice for Seaplane Operations

  1. Have read and copied salient parts of Code of Practice…
    Am somewhat staggered by the inclusion of Stangate Creek as a designated operations area. Peel Ports couldn’t have chosen a busier anchorage and stretch of sailing water. I suppose we’ll all have to listen and watch out… And, I hope a pilot sees me in my little sailing tender…

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