New chart for Queenborough Harbour

Queenborough HarbourQueenborough Harbour Trust has published this new chart of the harbour facilities. Note west is up. Click on image for enlarged version.

This and other chartlets of our local waters can be found via our Navigation page.

By the way, the Queenborough Harbour trot boat will be operating at weekends through the winter.

7 thoughts on “New chart for Queenborough Harbour

  1. I do appreciate that it is the paid up mooring holder who keeps the Trust staff in employment, but traditionally – for many years – the trots on the east side of the West Swale at Queenborough were ‘designated’ visitor berths.
    It would appear, apart from the pontoon, that there are now just four buoys available.
    I appreciate these are the type which take multiple craft, but who would want to be a ‘tiddler’ squeezed between say two forty footers – not me!
    I’m sure all will be well with visiting and only time will tell…

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your feedback. We have had some difficulty communicating the location of our visitor berths and we are hopeful the new chartlet will improve this. It is difficult to get the right mix of permanent moorings and visitor moorings, especially when the weather turns foul we have so few visitors and too many empty berths, but we are committed to providing the best service we can to both permanent mooring holders and visitors alike. We need visitors to take up visitor moorings first and then we can allocate vacant moorings. Our staff know which moorings are vacant and work hard to meet the wishes of as many visitors as possible and if that means a single berth then that’s what we will try to do. Typically we can accommodate 50 visitors and as many as 20 of these may be tied to vacant moorings. As the harbour is becoming more popular it does create some challenges and I hope we are able to grow our moorings just a little faster than we can fill them.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I appreciate your fulsome response.

    I think that one should essentially treat Queenborough Harbour as one does a marina, in that the boat operator/skipper needs to call up the duty harbour master and await directions for mooring. If this isn’t the policy, then perhaps it should be considered.

    I’ve long used the visitors facilities here, and before that the anchorages then available in the bight. The town has always long held a special place in my heart, and that of my midland born mate, so we would hate to have to bypass!

    Keep up the good work in putting this little area of the Isle of Sheppey back on the map: I will do my bit too…

    Seasons greeting to you all.

  3. I always call “Sheppey One” on Channel 8 and Phil or Stocky are invariably helpful in allocating a suitable berth, often on a vacant resident’s mooring.

  4. Hi Nick,
    Yes our requirement is that skippers call us up to be allocated a berth, this is happening more and more and works very well.

    Quite often when a skipper picks up a buoy that looks to be free we have to run out in the trot boat and determine whether that is the best place for him, if he has spent some time tying up only to be asked to move then it can be frustrating for him, so it’s always best for visitors to call us or pick up a standard visitors buoy and then ask if there is a “solo” buoy available if they prefer not to raft up.

    I’m sure as time goes on and the harbour becomes more established calling up will become routine.

    Thanks for your support.

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