But is it boating?

Seaplane in Sharfleet

Photo by Wil Pretty – click for larger picture

Photographed by Wil Pretty in Sharfleet is a Christen A-1 Husky seaplane, believed to be based at Rochester airport. It floats, it has a rudder and an engine, and is probably used for recreation – but is it boating? The MSBA needs to know…

3 thoughts on “But is it boating?

  1. I asked this of someone after one landed in front of me over the Bishop Ooze area a couple of weeks ago: I tacked … was going to anyway. But, I was told by an ‘expert’ that once on the water it is a powered craft and should give way to sail (within reason). I’m sure there is an answer to this in the rule of the road…

  2. Nick, I think you’ll find that on old charts Half Acre Creek is demarcated as a landing/take-off area for seaplanes, which might imply that they have right of way there. Something else for the MSBA to ask Peel Ports about…

    • I do remember seaplanes on odd occasions in the past, but wasn’t aware it was a designated landing spot – in many respects they can drop down anywhere, provided it is safe to do so.
      Over the top of the Bishop Ooze should be safe: people don’t usually cut across!

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