Queenborough All Tide Landing open again

Some intrepid yachtspersons (including your webmaster) have once again been able to walk ashore with dry feet at Queenborough thanks to repairs being made by Queenborough Yacht Club. Once these repairs are complete, the ATL will be handed over to Queenborough Harbour Trust. Meanwhile please take great care on the walkway.

Phil Shaw says that short stays (up to 4 hours) on the visitor moorings are free but the trot boat is £1 for a return trip to shore. If you pay for a mooring the trot boat service is included.

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2 thoughts on “Queenborough All Tide Landing open again

  1. Further to this: during a recent visit I was told that boats under 27 feet were being charged a new rate of £10 and those over, the £12 rate. As before, trot boat is thrown in. Gate token still required to return.
    Much better for us smaller craft!

  2. The ATL has now been handed over to the Queenborough Harbour Trust and the new massive pontoon is on its way as we speak!

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