Missing blue dinghy

A dinghy has disappeared from the Hoo Ness YC tender compound adjacent to Wilsonian SC sometime since mid July. It is quite distinctive, being 6 ft long, 3 ft wide and blue – inside and out.  The two oars are not a pair, one has a partially broken paddle and both have patches of blue paint. The ring for the painter in the bow has pulled out, so the painter passes through the hole where the ring was and is secured to the thwart with a bowline. There is a wooden ply patch about 1 ft square in the stern seat. If you have any information please contact webmaster@msba.org.uk.

Kingsferry Bridge closures

The KFB is scheduled for closures for various periods on 18-21 August. For details see www.eastcoastpilot.com. Also the Havengore Bridge is currently closed until further notice.

Yacht adrift at Hoo


UPDATE: Following last weekend’s storm,  “Wavelength” drifted over from Segas SC. We understand the owner has been contacted and the boat has now been moved to a secure part of Port Werburgh. Apparently the boat received only minor damage.

Watch out for stowaways!

A BBC Radio Kent reporter took a rigid inflatable boat across to a beach near Calais and back across the Channel without being challenged by either French or British police and border agencies. MSBA Vice Chair Cllr Kelly Tolhurst, when interviewed on today’s Breakfast programme (just after 2:01:00), warned that yachtsmen should beware of stowaways and drug smugglers.

Queenborough News

Two of the three sections of the long awaited pontoon are in Dover having new towing brackets and bridles fitted. They should be delivered next week, weather permitting!

Read about this and more in the Queenbough Harbour Trust newsletter

Medway Marathon, 17 August 2014

Medway MarathoonA 26 mile course on the tidal River Medway, open to monohull dinghies and keel boats of 30 feet and under with a PY number of less than 1315 for the Full Marathon and 1386 for the Half Marathon. Full details here…

Breaking News: Queenborough’s new pontoon breaks loose from tow!

Unfortunately two of the three 20 metre sections of the massive pontoon broke loose in the Dover Strait and have been salvaged by the MCA. The remaining section is now moored in the Medway.

Save Cliffe Lakes for sailing: object today!

Today is the last day to object to Brett’s proposal to “ecologically enhance” Alpha Lake by filling it in, which would result in loss of the lake for sailing. Many kids from the Medway area learn to sail and windsurf on the lake but this activity is not mentioned on their proposal. Please register your objection.