Sun Pier

Owing to recent squat mooring issues and an electrical assessment of the pontoons at Sun Pier, Medway Council has suspended public day mooring until further notice.

Only emergency services and river tour operators will have access to the pontoons whilst further assessments are made, and repairs organised.

In addition to the suspension, Medway Council plans to remove the pontoons for dry docking and repairs in early September for a period of 6 weeks before being reinstated to provide improved mooring facilities.

Good afternoon all,
We currently use Sailing Club Manager as our website provider, sailing booking system, event booking system etc etc. but we’re considering moving away from them and I wanted to put out some feelers to see what other Clubs are currently using.

Thanks in Advance.

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Anna Goodman
Club Secretary

“Improvements to Commodore’s Hard The Strand”

“Improvements to Commodore’s Hard The Strand”

The MSBA is pleased to advise that Medway Council has secured some funding to undertake surface repairs to the slipway at The Commodore’s Hard. These improvements include constructing a concrete pad to complete the end of the access road where it meets the beach.
The concrete will be more resistant to the salt water and reduce future maintenance costs in addition to a hatched area to provide additional access for emergency vehicles.
These improvements will be undertaken during weekdays over the coming months but may mean the slipway is out of use for a couple of days at a time”

Can anyone help?

Very sorry to trouble you, but grateful for help, please?

I write for the magazine Bygone Kent and I am researching Charles Cooper who used to own Cooper’s Boat Yard, Mercer Wharf and worked at Richardson’s Wharf. Described by many as a veteran boat builder, among other things he converted ( in 1930 )  at an ex Royal Naval vessel for Commander Charles Lightoller a surviving officer of the Titanic. 

I have tried without success to find any surviving family members of Charles Cooper 1881-1966 who may have photographs of Charles.  Pre war Charles also converted a boat for William Joyce ( Lord Haw Haw ) at Conyer. It was seized at Dover after transmitting equipment had been installed after leaving Conyer.

Grateful for any help please? I wondered if you or some of your members/workers may have known Charles Cooper.

Thank you and sorry again for troubling you.


Mike Gunnill