Allington Lock to reopen tomorrow, 3 June

Good news for motor boaters! After a protracted period for major refurbishment, the lock will reopen on 3 June 2021. Initially it will be operated by the contractors, and the lock will be available for two hours before high water and two hours after, between 7am and sunset.

The Environment Agency staff expect to take full control of the lock [and resume normal service] in the week commencing 7 June. For any queries, phone 01622 752864 or email

One thought on “Allington Lock to reopen tomorrow, 3 June

  1. Excellent News and Peel ports have been attempting to clear some of the river debris around New Hythe.
    The EA have invested a great deal of cash over the last decade or two on the infra structure of the river between Allington and Tonbridge.
    Wonder if folks actually appreciate what is on their doorstep.
    A large proportion of the grant allocated to the South East has been spent on the non tidal Medway.
    Thames boaters would have loved to see that amount of grant spent on the Thames.

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