Queenborough Harbour Walkway – NOW OPEN AGAIN

Yesterday afternoon high winds and a very high tide combined to cause considerable damage to the walkway. One of the supporting floats close to the security gate broke free causing a section of the walkway to collapse. Temporary repairs have been carried out, but access is very dangerous.

If you really must use the walkway, this is only possible at low water, with the floats aground. Please proceed with extreme caution 1 person at a time. Many planks are loose, some are missing and many others are a significant trip hazard. Access at high water or anytime when the floats are lifted with the tide is not possible.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we are doing everything possible to have the walkway back in use as soon as we can.

UPDATE 30 Jan 2018: Emma, the new Harbour Manager, has advised us yesterday that the walkway has been open again for some time.

2 thoughts on “Queenborough Harbour Walkway – NOW OPEN AGAIN

  1. Good morning Queenborough Harbour Master and Team,

    Oh dear! What a nuisance and disruption but at least this weather damage has happened ‘off season’ and we might remind ourselves that the damage is almost insignificant compared to the devastations that happened in WW2 ….. but that was a long time ago. Never-the-less it is a real enough headache just now so all power to your elbows in putting it right!.

    Your inspirations, efforts and improvements to Queenborough Harbour are much appreciated by those of us who use and enjoy the facilities you provide.

    Best wishes and regards for 2018

    Cap’n Pugsley

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