Stangate Creek now no anchoring zone

Anchoring in Stangate Creek in the heart of the Medway Estuary, which is a Marine Conservation Zone, is to be prohibited from today, April 1st, following the discovery of several colonies of tentacled lagoon worms Alkmaria romijni. These creatures normally only grow to a few millimetres but in the unique environmental conditions of the creek several specimens have been found up to a metre long hiding in the hitherto unsuspected coral formations. Known until now only to local fishermen, who used to supply the delicacy to the scampi factory in Queenborough, the worms are thought to have arrived on the bottoms of ships quarantined in the creek in the nineteenth century. A spokesman for the harbour authority, now known as Peel Ports London, announced that special worm-friendly moorings for recreational boaters will be installed using funds accumulated over many years from conservancy fees.

9 thoughts on “Stangate Creek now no anchoring zone

  1. Strange that this was not mentioned by Peel, nor NE, nor EA, nor the Fishermans’ representatives, at the MSEP mtg on Thursday morning. Nor was this mentioned at the MSBA mtg on Tuesday.

  2. I anchored there the other day and brought up several of these in the mud on my anchor. They were delicious, delicately fried within minutes of picking them out of the mud. Much recommended.

  3. Are you trying to cause a revolt Tony, Stangate is sacred to us Boaters.
    Just about to get on my soap box.

    • Bob, perhaps my “fake news” item touched some raw nerves but there were enough clues (apart from the date) to give the joke away! It’s suprising how many people have told me they were taken in at first.

  4. Just a comment about anchoring in stangate creek, it appears that the center is all shingle and when the tide is high its easy to drag, I am 20 ton displacement, and have to put out at least 25 mts of chain, and on the mud part, have others had the same problem,

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