Shoregate Wharf Sailing Club

KEY: D, SC, MC, 24

Shoregate Wharf Sailing Club which was founded in January 1979 is situated in a quiet rural setting, located to the north of the village of Upchurch in a former farm dock on Ham Green Saltings on the River Medway, midway between Otterham Quay (Rainham) and Lower Halstow. We are a small friendly boat club which welcomes all types of craft. Access to water is available approximately 2 hours either side of mean high tide. However, with a dockside or catwalk berth you can step onto your boat at anytime, regardless of the state of the tide, and enjoy the beauty of your settings. As well as dockside berthing there is a hardstanding area with storage space for smaller craft, dinghies and trailers with the potential for additional craft within an offshore mooring area. Other amenities include a slipway, ample free car parking, mains water, electric power supplied by a diesel generator and a small workshop. Currently a sailing barge, Ethel Maud, which also has the distinction of being a Dunkirk Little Ship is on site. The barge is privately owned by one of our members and is undergoing a complete restoration.

Chairman: Gary Diddams
T: 01634 264572
07818 494053

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