Kingsnorth Chimney demolition, NOW 22 March

Peel Ports advise that on 22 March 2018 the main chimney at Kingsnorth Power Station will be demolished by controlled explosion. An exclusion zone, patrolled by the harbourmaster’s launch WESTBOURNE and by the Marine Police Unit vessel, will be established as shown in this chartlet from 09:00 until sometime after 10:30. All vessels must keep outside the exclusion zone until the all clear is broadcast. Further information may be obtained from Medway VTS on VHF Channel 74 or telephone 0151 949 6656. NTM 14 of 2018 refers.

UPDATE 1.3.2018: The demolition has been postponed from 8 March.

One thought on “Kingsnorth Chimney demolition, NOW 22 March

  1. Funny, I was about to check if this was still on target and here we are. Thanks for update.
    Zone details useful: I was planning to ‘park’ around the MYC race buoy by Mussel Bank.
    Currently watching the weather for a sail over from Essex on Wednesday on Whimbrel – Queenborough probably, then upriver early Thursday, following which a dash for home will be made.
    I’m sure there’ll be many local boats around – wave!

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