Large pontoon for Queenborough

Queenborough Harbour Trust is purchasing a massive 60 metre long by 9 metre wide concrete pontoon, formerly used by the Gosport ferry in Portsmouth harbour. This will not only provide space for alongside moorings but will enable the trust to reposition the harbour lookout office and storage unit on the water. A fuel dock is also proposed. The pontoon will be anchored a few metres north of the existing All Tide Landing and linked to it by a bridge. The yacht club has promised that the ATL will be repaired and back in service by Easter. Discussions between the trust and the club over the long term future of the ATL are ongoing…

Please indicate your support or otherwise for the planning application by using the Reply button below or by emailing by 28 March 2014. Your feedback will be sent to the Marine Licensing Authority via the RYA.

Click here to see the consent plan

6 thoughts on “Large pontoon for Queenborough

  1. Regarding the prospective concrete platform, for use at Queenborough, may I add my whole hearted support for a very useful amenity for visiting yachts people.

    I would expect an easier route ashore would encourage us to use local amenities including pubs and shops, rather than sitting on our moorings.

    Thank you

  2. Fully support this excellent proposed addition to the facilities at Queenborough. It will provide the Harbour Trust with a base and, most importantly, encourage more visitors to go ashore and visit the town.

  3. Indeed, have just read latest on Queenborough and the ATL, I am very pleased at this outcome, such a key facility for the area and boats and boating, for visitors to the area as well, you provide the landing and they will come, or continue to come, great news.

  4. I learnt of these very welcome developements whilst doing a talk at the Queebororough YC last weekend.
    The amenity of a floating pontoon changed the view of many yachting folk towards this historic town when it was opened back in the 1990s: many have an odd view of what it has to offer and the wonder of its high street architecture. It is a place I have avidly written about and supported, and will continue to do so. In many respects it is a much loved port of call…
    The additions proposed are what the town needs to ensure a steady flow of yachts and their crews using local businesses.

  5. Sounds good news to any boat owner in the locality as well as those visiting from Europe.
    I really hope this proceeds with the full support of all parties involved.

  6. A very welcome proposal which will significantly increase the availability for alongside berthing and access to Queenborough not only for local boaters but also the many visitors from our continental neighbours.

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