Winter Warmer talk by Met Office weatherman, 8 Dec

Mark Rogers from the Met Office will update us on modern weather forecasting. Weather is something that affects every mariner. Can you read the clouds, what is a synoptic chart and how will it help me? Everyone knows that the Met Office forecasts the weather but how is this done and what are their roles and responsibilities within the UK and around the world?

The CA Kent Section Winter Warmers are held at The Dog & Bear Hotel, The Square
Lenham, ME17 2PG. All are welcome. There is a small charge of £3.

Situated 8 miles East of Maidstone, just off the A20 in the village square. Many eat beforehand and it helps speed up service if you telephone the pub on 01622 858219 and order your meal before 5pm.

Winter Warmers for your diary

Clifford Mickleburgh has announced the Cruising Association Kent Section’s 2016/17 programme of winter talks:

  • 13 October: Tony Farnham on “Sailing barges in their heyday”
  • 10 November: Royal Navy presentation
  • 8 December: Mark Rogers from the Met Office
  • 12 January: Clifford on Dawn Owl’s 2016 tour of Europe
  • 9 February: Scott Belcher on Chatham Historic Dockyard
  • 9 March: Nigel Rigby on Capt James Cook
  • 13 April: Members’ Evening

We are all invited to these excellent talks, which are held at 8pm at the Dog and Bear, Lenham, near Maidstone. It’s a good idea to book a meal on 01622 858 219 for 7pm before the talk. A special CA 8-choice menu is available for £9.95.

Pirates Cave Open Day, Sat 16 April

Pirates Cave Open DayReps from big brands will be giving special deals, advice and demonstrations of the latest in electronics from Icom and Raymarine.

Live Liferaft Demonstration and Giveaway at 11:30am
Along with offering free lifejacket checks all day, Suffolk Marine Safety will also be giving a live Seago liferaft demonstration at 11:30am with instruction on how to prepare and deploy your liferaft should the worst happen.  Suffolk Marine Safety and Seago will be guiding you through exactly how to use a liferaft to stay as safe as possible should you get into trouble. We’ll also be giving away a Seago Lifejacket to someone in attendance for the demonstration!

Maritime Volunteer Service – inaugural meeting for new Medway Unit, 16 March

The MARITIME VOLUNTEER SERVICE has a new unit starting up in the Medway Towns and will be holding their inaugural meeting at Gillingham Marina on Wednesday 16th March 2016. The meeting will start at a 7.30pm in the Quarterdeck Restaurant.

Anyone can join the MVS as long as you are over 18 years of age and you do not need to have any previous experience. If you would like to learn more then please come along to our meeting on 16th.

In order to access Gillingham Marina it would be useful for the security to know in advance so please email us at so we can add your name to the list or call Tim Corthorn 07731 946569.

Gillingham Marina can be found at: 173 Pier Rd, Gillingham ME7 1UB

Further Information: (Unit Website) (National Website)

Free Lecture on Basic Navigation, 9 March

basic navGillingham Marina invite you to a free evening lecture at their Chandlery on 9 March 2016 at 6.15pm for 6.30pm start. A discussion on the rudiments of navigation, buoyage and the basics for getting to Stangate and back. Ideal for those new to sailing, great way to dust down skipper’s and refresh loyal crew member’s grey matter. Join us in the Quarterdeck afterwards for a complementary tea or coffee or half price first drink for all those who attend the lecture. Booking is a must as space is limited, please call the Reception on 01634 280022.

Gillingham Marina is also planning a one day RYA first aid course, cost £70 including manual. Please let us know if you are interested.

CA Winter Warmer, Whistlestop Tour of Europe, 13 April

Dawn Owl



Clifford Mickleburgh on DAWN OWL with Charlie on a whistlestop tour of Europe from the Netherlands north to Copenhagen and then south through the Kiel Canal, Frisian Islands and the European rivers and canals to Switzerland and back down the Rhine through Germany to Friesland in the Netherlands. Find out about the boat lifts and the inclined planes!

Non CA members are welcome. There is a charge of £3 for the talk, which starts at 8pm. The pub offers a special menu for these events so come to eat at 7pm. Call the Dog and Bear, Lenham, on 01622 858219 by 5pm to book your meal.

Nick Ardley: A Barging Childhood and Beyond, Thurs 14 Jan

Nick ArdleyThis month’s Winter Warmer is brought to you by the Cruising Association Kent Section is by Nick Ardley – A Barging Childhood and Beyond: The Story of an Essex Sailor. This talk will take you on a journey which began in the early 1950s when Nick’s parents bought a spritsail barge to live and go yachting on. She was the May Flower, built in 1888. The tribulations and joys of a barging childhood are looked at before, with time moving on, Nick leaves home, first, as an engineer officer at sea, then for married life too. His girl, a Midlands’s maiden, was soon introduced to the silt laden waters of the Thames estuary.

We then follow Nick and his mate on a passage around the East Coast’s rivers between North Kent and mid Suffolk aboard their Finesse 24, Whimbrel. As they weave in and out of muddy creeks, Nick watches as the world passes slowly by, wondering. Once at anchor, we find that Nick is just as likely to continue exploring in a gunter dinghy, sometimes ‘dragging’ his mate with him, to search for the lost world that rests amongst our salt marsh and mud.

Non CA members are welcome. There is a charge of £3 for the talk, which starts at 8pm. The pub offers a special menu for these events so come to eat at 7pm. Call the Dog and Bear, Lenham, on 01622 858219 by 5pm to book your meal.

CA Winter Warmer talk, Jeremy Batch, 12 Nov

Clifford Mickleburgh invites us all to the Cruising Association Kent Section’s next Winter Warmer talk on Thursday, 12 November 2015, “Extreme Voyagers 2 – the Next
Generation” by the CA’s inimitable Jeremy Batch. Any toddler who waved a flag at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant  at Spithead in June 1897 would have learned at
school about the Wright brothers’ first flight only six years later. He would also, if he outlived his “threescore years and ten”, have watched men walk on the Moon. Within his lifetime, men and women would have travelled through the Northwest and Northeast Passages, to the Poles, to the bottom of the ocean, through the sound barrier, to the edge of the atmosphere and into space, and several would have sailed single-handed around the world. Who were these men and women, and who were the shipwrights, designers, scientists and engineers who made their voyages possible? We pick up the story where we left off last time.

Non CA members are welcome. There is a small charge for the talk, which starts at 8pm. The pub offers a special menu for these events so come to eat at 7pm. Call the Dog and Bear, Lenham, on 01622 858219 by 5pm to book your meal.