Peel Ports announce “outrageous” increase in charges for 2022

Peel Ports have announced an 8.5% price hike in charges (see notice).

The MSBA has previously objected to their massive annual increases in charges and we have made the point more than once that such price hikes jeopardise the viability of some of our clubs. We obtained an undertaking that the process would be transparent and we would be consulted but this has not taken place.

The MSBA has asked for a detailed breakdown of the justification of this figure and will be pursuing this matter with Peel Ports.

One thought on “Peel Ports announce “outrageous” increase in charges for 2022

  1. Inflation is caused by big organisations peel ports 8-5% increases 5%abive the pension increases gives you an idea of greed at the highest level, next next thing they will be charging you to go under bridges, the licence and other fees for clubs are just hitting the ordinary people, the Thames and Medway are for ships & warfes sailing clubs are for people, how much more will be created to fuel inflation, it costs more now to have the two licences for a boat then a sailing club membership, but I suppose they have to pay for the highly expensive employ nobody autonamous vessel to map the river, for ships to travel up the rivers to use the warfes, as bad as the TV licence, the UK going to the dogs rapidly. 2020/2021 was a covid year when some corporations and banks made billions of profit in a pandemic, and 2022 looks the same, inflations makes billions for corporations & goverments all at the cost of Joe public,

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