MSBA prompts Peel Ports rethink on charges

Following a protest by the MSBA to the notified 8.5% increase in charges for moorings and conservancy licences, Peel Ports have reduced this increase to 6%, being the RPI figure for the 12 months to October 2021. We have been told that refunds have now been issued to those who have already paid their 2022 invoices. A meeting is being arranged to discuss the basis for these charges going forward.

One thought on “MSBA prompts Peel Ports rethink on charges

  1. Well I suppose that’s a small consideration in cost cutting, but imagine agency’s corporations energy producers banks all blame covid, all raise thier prices, and create inflation, then banks raise rates to stop inflation, which costs all those businesses including Joe public who borrow from banks even more money so they want rises to in wages and inflation continues, a new the winners are banks & government, the losers Joe public, inflation is the devil & people don’t believe in the devil,

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