Consultation on “discontinuation” of navigation marks

Peel Ports London Medway is planning to discontinue the following navigation marks:
• The Cant – ‘D’ Beacon (unlit) approximately 1nm South of MAC buoys 5/6
• Sheerness Harbour – Grain Light (QW) just South of Grain outfall channel
• Sharfleet Creek (East & Western ends) – Beacons 7&8 (unlit) ex Admiralty beacons
• Loden Hope – West Point Beacon (unlit)
• Swale – Long Reach – Codds Creek Beacon
• Bee Ness Buoy (Fl G 5s).

The above-mentioned proposal will be subject to a consultation period that will run until 7th February 2022.

Comments and queries should be sent to:

Notice to Mariners 13 of 2022 refers. Following the consultation period all comments received will be assessed, the Port of Sheerness (as the Local Lighthouse Authority) will make its decision and any proposed change will be promulgated by a further Notice to Mariners.

3 thoughts on “Consultation on “discontinuation” of navigation marks

  1. The MSBA has asked what is meant by “discontinuation” as we do not want hazardous underwater stumps left behind if the old beacons are simply cut down.

  2. It seems that peel ports and thier management want to raise prices, and at the same time do away with labour and navigation aids, and in general ignore anything that is not in the Thames & Medway main tidal rivers, they are quite happy to take money for domestic river licensees & mud moorings, which they do little for, And as for creeks I expect that will end with painted plastic coke bottles in the end, or red and green withies, to be fair they should produce a chat with all the bouys & beacons they intend to remove, because some may serve no purpose at at all in this digital chartplotter age,

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