Loss of visitor moorings at Chatham

The Rats Bay visitor moorings near Sun Pier at Chatham have now been removed by Peel Ports to make room for visiting vessels at the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant on 4 June.

Sun Pier and Rochester Pier (awaiting repair to the brow) are now the only free public moorings on the Medway, both council-run, but are not supposed to be for used for overnight mooring. At each pier a token must be purchased from a machine for re-entry to the pontoon.

10 thoughts on “Loss of visitor moorings at Chatham

    • I believe both piers are usable though you cannot get to and from the shore at Rochester Pier as the brow is unsafe.

    • The way I see it, Rats Bay moorings are being removed to make way for an official event. As there appears to be no mention of replacement afterwards, my best guess is this is yet another example of authority using circumstances to further their own agendas. It has been happening for years with H&S and more recently with Covid. I doubt very much if you will see an alternative arrangement but if we do I for one will be delighted and much humbled.

  1. Was there a consultation or previous notice of the removal?
    I am a only recently sailing in the area and Rats Bay mooring was on my ‘visit wish list’ for this year. Is it possible that some request could be made for their reinstatement if they are only temporarily removed?
    I for one would be very willing to sign a petition in that regard as visitors moorings are so sparse and it would be great if our annual ‘Conservancy Fee’ went some way to providing more facilities the leisure boating community.

    • Richard, I’m assuming you are a yachty. If you are a member of a yacht club, between them, various yacht clubs on the Medway have lots of spare swinging moorings in the area, many clubs are happy to reciprocate, that often can include MVs too. You can chance picking one up, but a call to the club mooring master will give you reassurance its a sound, unallocated one and that you won’t be at risk of being turfed off by a recipient in the dead of night. I know its not Rats Bay but I hope this is helpful and apologies if you are already aware of this.

      • Thank you Mike, I was not aware of clubs providing these facilities. I will certainly make enquires as you suggest. Very helpful of you

  2. The Rats Bay moorings have not been maintained for a few years and Peel Ports had been asking various bodies including the MSBA if they were willing to take them on. The moorings were initially installed for a festival but were mainly used by squatters. It’s therefore not surprising that Peel took the opportunity of the Pageant to remove them. There are no plans to replace them but we are hopeful that a harbour trust will be formed to look after the remaining public maritime facilities before they too disappear.

  3. I have never used Sun Pier and only used Rochester Pier once, over 15 years ago while waiting a short time for air draft under Rochester Bridge. I normally drop if too low. I have never used the land access.

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