New signage for PWCs

This is a sample of one of the new signs designed in partnership with the Personal Watercraft Partnership (PWP) and local authorities. The signs will be set up at known launching sites for jet skis (PWCs). Most PWC users are responsible boaters but an irresponsible minority spoil it for everyone else and will be liable to prosecution. Peel Ports will increase the number of patrols using a harbour launch or RIB, including holidays, weekends, and during heatwaves. The patrol personnel will be equipped with body cams.

Speed limits

This chart shows the zones where there are speed limits, yellow for 6 knots and red for 8 knots. The purple zone from Cuxton to Wouldham is where members of the Kent Boat and Ski club have exclusive permission to water ski.

4 thoughts on “New signage for PWCs

  1. Very pretty signs but the people who bother to take any notice are very likely already responsible users.
    “could be a prosecutable”? Surely given evidence it is a prosecutable offence. Either language needs to be tougher ( responsible users will not be offended) or the PWP and authorities need to be more innovative with the psychology behind the wording of signs.

  2. Peel Ports have an incident form on their website (also on the Downloads page on this site). However you can just phone VTS on 0151 949 6656.or call them on VHF channel 74, as shown our Links page. Make sure to ask them to confirm that the incident is actually recorded. We are often told that there have been no reports so nothing will be done.

  3. It seems strange that the speed limit in Queenborough Harbour has been set at 8 knots, whereas, upriver from the Gillingham moorings inwards it is 6 knots.
    This should be challenged, surely, and all mooring areas set at 6 knots.
    My dinghy was ‘challenged’ during recent seasons by wash whilst rowing ashore.
    It was only by rapidly changing course and meeting head on we got away with it.

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