Grain Edge buoy consultation. UPDATED

What do we want, conical or cardinal?

Peel Ports London Medway is exploring the feasibility of altering the Grain Edge Unlit Buoy to a Lit East Cardinal Lightbuoy (exact light characteristic TBC). The proposal will be subject to a consultation period that will run until 8 July 2020. Comments and queries should be sent to:

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Following the consultation period all comments received will be assessed, the Port of Sheerness (as the Local Lighthouse Authority) will make its decision and any proposed change will be promulgated by a further Notice to Mariners.

UUPDATE 27.8.2020 Trinity House has rejected the Peel Ports proposal to replace the green lateral buoy with an East cardinal.

3 thoughts on “Grain Edge buoy consultation. UPDATED

  1. We should welcome the fact that Peel Ports are at last asking the recreational boating community before changing buoyage. This comes after we complained about the unannounced removal of the Blackstakes buoy, which kept racing yachts away from the LNG terminal and should soon be replaced.

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