Revenge wreck to be removed next week

Photo Peel Ports

Peel Ports have advised that, due to movement and deterioration, the steel framed remains of the vessel “Revenge” that was abandoned in Faversham Creek will be partially removed. The vessel “Liftmoor” will be on site from Monday 1st June 2020 and will be working for approximately 5 days to remove the bow section and parts of the superstructure that are causing a hazard to navigation. The operation will involve cutting/grinding of the steelwork and due to the nature of this “hotwork” passing craft are requested to navigate with caution. “Liftmoor” will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 74 at all times.

2 thoughts on “Revenge wreck to be removed next week

  1. Peel Ports have been asked to remove or move the sunken yacht Magpie , which is in the deep water channel of Oare Creek near the ‘Gunpowder shed’.
    The yacht has been in this position for over 3 years and has gradually moved and listed to a more extreme angle. The mast is severely restricting the passage of sailing boats passing to the upper end of the Creek.
    Repeated requests have been made to Peel Ports and they have failed to respond.
    It would be appreciated if you could approach them on this urgent matter.

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