It’s getting worse! Please report all PWC incidents

Although many owners of personal watercraft (PWCs or jetskis) are responsible, anyone can see reckless and irresponsible behaviour almost any day on the Medway and the Swale. These craft are usually launched from Commodore’s Hard at Gillingham, where the MSBA has installed a high definition camera (see video above), or near Kingsferry Bridge on the Swale, where jetskiers have regularly tried to sink small craft on the boat club moorings presumably for fun. There have been several life-threatening incidents but the perpetrators are invariably abusive when challenged. At Gillingham the Medway Watersports Centre has had to cancel youth activities because of the jetskiers’ apparently drunken and dangerous behaviour. Peel Ports, as the statutory harbour authority, have a duty to enforce the bye-laws but will not do so unless we report all incidents. Please download the form below and use it to report ALL incidents to the MSBA and we will pass them on to Peel Ports.  Email your reports to

Peel Ports PWC incident form

3 thoughts on “It’s getting worse! Please report all PWC incidents

  1. Anyone care to explain how the owners of PWCs behaving inconsiderately can be challenged.
    All well and good bemoaning the lack of action by Peel Ports but yet to hear from anyone exactly how you intend funding sufficient staff to cover the entire river from Allington to Kingsferry Bridge probably for at least the summer daylight hours with craft fast enough to keep up with the things….
    A couple of fast ribs with two crew on each and a chap in a shore based Land Rover should do nicely.
    Funding proposals awaited with interest, cos your not going to get it on the measly £1.00 a week (a few folks) contribute at the moment. many ignore the request for payment with some sort of glee !
    How many in your club are displaying a sticker or even encouraged to pay ?

    • Don’t even need to go afloat. They can be seen from shore then nabbed when coming ashore at Commodore’s Hard (or Kingsferry Bridge). Peel Ports need to delegate some of their powers to the police. This ought not to be a problem if the will was there.

  2. Nice idea but… there am I whizzing down the river and your “shore” based crew are going to have to make a very inspired guess as to my final destination, will it be the Strand or the little unofficial launching site just under Sheppey old bridge, or perhaps the slips at Queenborough or Harty Ferry, even off the beach at Warden bay.
    The miscreants will be home washing off their pride and joys before the crew even turns up.
    The police may possibly have one or two other things on their mind as opposed to having a really stern word with some lobster pink bloke out having a bit of fun on warm summer evening. ?

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