Meet James Wharram at Queenborough on 19 April 2013

Queenborough Harbour Trust is proud to say James Wharram will be coming to Queenborough on Friday 19/04/13 and will be giving a talk about the Lapita Voyage. This voyage demonstrates that the Polynesians were capable of ocean travel using traditional designs.

For a little information regarding  James Wharram and the voyage please visit the web addresses below.

James is stopping off at Queenborough on his way to London to pick up an award from the Ocean Cruising Club and offered to present this talk as he is a Patron of Queenborough Harbour Trust. If you are interested in building a boat, sailing a catamaran or sailing across oceans you will find James highly skilled and able to answer questions.
The talk will be held from 19.30 at Queenborough Yacht Club
                                                                     7 High Street
                                                                     Kent. ME11 5AA
Admission is £7.00 which is to cover the cost of the buffet. Could interested people please contact Eddie Johnson by e-mailing or calling 07749375449.

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